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Narissi Nohlgren a Psychotherapist in practice

About Me

I commenced my postgraduate studies in 2019 at the Karuna Institute where I am now working towards accreditation with UKCP as a Mindfulness-Based Core Process Psychotherapist, here in Bristol. Drawing from my artistic background, I bring a creative approach to my work as a psychotherapist, tailoring my methods to suit each individual and their needs.

Being human can be rather paradoxical, we can feel both broken and whole. Cracks and fissures trace our experiences, each scar a testament to battles fought and lessons learned. In my own life, these cracks haven't defined me, but rather, painted me with stories of resilience and compassion. It's this inherent human beauty, even in the parts I experienced as brokenness, that ignited my passion for psychotherapy. I yearned to be a witness to the mending, to hold space for individuals as they reclaim their wholeness, embrace their scars, and rewrite their narratives of strength.

My background has instilled in me a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives and lived experiences. This openness informs my therapeutic approach, particularly in empowering women, a cause close to my heart.

Mindfulness and compassionate curiosity serve as a cornerstone of my practice, offering a powerful tool for exploring your present experience and navigating past traumas. I believe in understanding the interconnectedness of mind and body and collaborating with you to navigate the impact of systemic imbalances on your unique journey.

My expertise encompasses anxiety, trauma, and interpersonal relationships, particularly within the parent-child dynamic. My approach is focused on facilitating self-discovery and alignment with your authentic self.

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