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About Me

 I began my educational journey in Art & Design. In 2019 I began my post grad at the Karuna Institute where I am now in my I am in my last of year training as a UKCP Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapist. My background in art has influenced my work as a psychotherapist and I have creative approach when working with individuals. I have a great love of nature, I was raised in the the beautiful rural countryside and now embrace living in the City of Bristol. I spent over six years living in the centre of London where I got to experience many different cultures. I have also been lucky enough to travel extensively around South America, India, and across Europe. I am a regular practitioner of yoga and have found that movement meditation has greatly helped me in my own personal development. Yoga and mindfulness are both skills that I weave into my one to one work as I believe the mind-body connection is vital for healing.

I have a dedicated interest in tackling issues around gender - especially uplifting and empowering women. I am part of the LGBTQ community and hold these issues closest to my heart. I am constantly learning and improving my understanding around issues to do with diversity, sexuality and inclusion. I recognise the systemic abuses of power that marginalise people of intersectional identities. I am not afraid to explore with you how oppressive systems are impacting your life and help find ways to resource in safety.  I also offer help around issues relating to anxiety, trauma and interpersonal relationships, especially surrounding a parent-child dynamic. I use mindfulness as a means to access what is arising in the present moment - this helps to create a safe container to process past traumas. 

It would be my honour to accompany you on a journey of self-discovery, and help you to live aligned with your true nature. 

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